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"After 4 Years of SDG 16+: How to Accelerate Local Impact?" session at the KPSRL 2019 Annual Conference

CSPPS, together with its member GPPAC, the Dutch MFA, with the participation of NIMD and HiiL, organised a session namely, "After 4 Years of SDG16+: How to Accelerate Local Impact?" at the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law Annual Conference 2019: "Bridging the Gap: Rhetoric and Practice in Security & Rule of Law".

The 2019 SDG report notes that progress on SDG 16+ and realising 'peaceful, just and inclusive societies is still a long way off’. This is    worrisome; delivery on SDG16+ impacts progress on all goals, after all. Actors working on peace, justice and inclusion must reflect on how to expedite implementation. This session offered a space for a joint civil society and government rethink of actions needed to accelerate progress on SDG16+ targets where they matter most: at national and sub-national levels.

Read the full report published by the KPSRL and the sessions' key arguments, main gaps outlined and recommendations/findings here.


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