Peacebuilders Call on Governments to Move from Commitments to Action on Peace

To mark the International Day of Peace, the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS), QUNO and over 100 peacebuilding organizations from across the globe issue a statement to United Nations Member States to move from commitment to actions on a number of key peace concerns.
The statement calls on governments and the international community to:

• Move from commitments to action on peace in the 2030 Agenda and across the three UN pillars;     
• Align crisis response with longer term prevention and peacebuilding efforts; 
• Protect and support civil society in fostering sustainable peace; 
• Think local and act global: recommit to multilateralism as a safeguard for the most vulnerable.
Please find here the press release on the statement that QUNO distributed, which was also widely shared with media contacts covering the United Nations.

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