Exploring Potentials for the Implementation of New Deal and IDPS Principles in Nigeria

Exploring Potentials for the Implementation of New Deal and IDPS Principles in Nigeria

On 11 May 2017, a multi-stakeholder conference on the International Dialogue for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS) is scheduled to take place in Abuja, Nigeria. The International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS) is the first forum for political dialogue to bring together countries affected by conflict and fragility, development partners, and civil society.The International Dialogue is composed of members of the International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF), the g7+ group of fragile and conflict-affected states, and member organisations of the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS). Nigeria is not included in the g7+ group of fragile and conflict-affected states but is however represented in the CSPPS by the Centre for Sustainable Development and Education in Africa (CSDEA).

One of the purposes of Nigeria's membership in the CSPPS was to conduct advocacy at national level for the country to embark on a comprehensive Fragility Assessment (FA) process, and for the Nigerian government to consider becoming a member of the IDPS. Mr. Theophilus Ekpon, CSDEA Executive Director and CSPPS Focal Point in Nigeria has held various meeting with the Nigerian government and especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which resulted in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nigerian government to jointly work on the implementation of the IDPS principles, instruments and the New Deal in the context of Nigeria.

Today's conference will bring together officials of the Nigerian government, Civil Society, and donors to deliberate and recommend priority areas for peacebuilding and statebuilding in Nigeria that can be jointly implemented by stakeholders in the context of the IDPS and its New Deal once Nigeria joins the International Dialogue.

Main outcomes of the IDPS-conference will be published on our website in due course. For more information on the IDPS Multi-stakeholder conference in Nigeria, please contact Theophilus Ekpon: theophilusekpon@yahoo.com

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