South Sudan

Vision for Generation-Organization(V4G-Organization-NILA) Thrives and strives under (Networking, Influencing, Lobby and Advocacy-NILA) towards Transformed Society through Advocacy and influencing to harness the efforts of the community to promote sustainable social. Economic vibrancy and community action plans to have access to basic service to realisation of the potentialities and restoration of hopes of the service they deserve.

V4G-Organization (NILA) therefore further effective advocacy and influence of Inclusive Peace Building and decision making matrix process, enhancing CSO, Women, Youth and syndicated organized group of individual coalition building, advances active women and youth participation for the legitimate political dispensation and decision making process, factoring the social contracts between citizens and government through 2030 Agenda to be achieved.

Strategically, V4G-Organization-NILA is positioned to intervene in Emergency (Disaster Risk Management), post emergency, pre-conflict, conflict and post conflict, it treasures in peace building to enhance realization of the peaceful coexistence of the communities in South Sudan.

Vision: - Secured, informed and Transformed society through NILA.

Mission Statement

Vision for Generation-Organization(V4G-Org-NILA) Thrives and strives to a secured, informed and transform Society to achieving Equal Justice, basic needs, potentials, livelihood and peaceful society.


Integrity, honesty, Transparency and Accountability, Team Building and Responsive.


1) To strategize and enhance the NILA plate-form as pathway for service delivery.
2) Establish strategies and Mechanisms to strengthen capacity of the society.
3) To promote a peaceful and informed Society.
4) To promote and encourage best practices in Societal transformations.
5) To promote respect for rule of law.
6) To enhance the empowerment of youth and women participation in peace and nation building.
7) To lobby and advocate for the respect, promotion, upholding and protection of human rights.
8) To enhance the institutional capacity of Vision for Generation(V4G-Org) in service delivery.

2) Civic Education and Governance

A) V4G is coordinating the Universal Periodic Review with the National coalition on UPR,
as seen above.
B) V4G coordinate and represent the CSO Resource Team with R-JMEC.
C) V4G focus at the Carrying out civic Education, Lobby and Advocacy on Electoral process, (Training the Civil Society on the participatory electoral process, inclusive Constitution making process, capacity build and coordinate the CSO election Observer comes 2024.
D) Lobby and advocacy on the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement, chapter 1V and V.

E) CSPPS County team coordination

3- Conflict resolution and Peacebuilding.

a) Expand and strengthen Early Warning network/Community/People cantered Early Warning System, public Awareness and public Education, contingency planning and awareness.
b) Local peace Building and community peace Engagement.
c) Training on conflict resolution and peace building, strengthening of the peace network, monitoring peace building process, dissemination of peace related materials, conflict management/Resolution. techniques/skills, community dialogue and engagement.
d) Youth, Peace and Security and designing and supporting Pathway for Peace.
e) Coordinate and network on peace related with Peace Commission and peace actors.
f) Formation and capacity building of grassroot local peacebuilding committees.
g) Dissemination of RARCSS and South Sudan policy documents.

4- Gender and Protection

a) Women land rights and property (Women empowerment and inclusive participation of women in decision making, conflict resolution and Peace Building, strengthening the women Association and women union, linking the decision makers with the grassroots, enhancing the women equal access to justice, taking the Women land rights Agenda to another level.
b) Child protection. (Prevention).
c) Gender-Responsive Peace Building. (The four pillars of UNSCR1325 and the South
Sudan National Action Plan of Prevention, Protection, Participation and Recovery) as Process to women peace and Security for Gender responsive to national building
and peace building, capacity enhancement of women groups and women.
d) Training and Awareness.
e) Human rights, women's rights.
f) Land and Resource Rights in lobby and advocacy.

GADET-Pentagon strives to promote peace through conflict transformation, good governance, rule of law, human rights, youth and women empowerment through research, advocacy, skills trainings and capacity building for Promotion of justice, dignity, respect to supremacy of rule of law, fundamental rights and inclusive decision making). Its ongoing activities are: 

• Public resource governance (research on the impact of oil exploration and production in the oil producing communities of Unity and Upper Nile States, development of the training manual with extraction of key messages from the petroleum Act 2012, dissemination of the petroleum act 2012 (November 2012-October 2013),

• Enhancing capacity of civil society in south Sudan, a programme for the implementation of the new deal funded by world vision in partnership with safer world (June 2013- December 2013),

• Lead agency for the thematic area of natural resource governance for the Constitutional review process of civil society resource team across the ten states of South Sudan (June 2013-August 2013).

Map of South Sudan

“Being part of CSPPS has enabled me to work with some of the world’s most experienced and dedicated civil society peacebuilders. As a platform for us to engage with government decision makers on peacebuilding issues, CSPPS is without peer.”

James Cox
Peacifica, Australia

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Vision 4 Generation

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Taban Christopher

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