Rwanda Institute for Conflict Transmutation and Peace Building (ICP Rwanda) is a peace, Non Violence, dialogue Initiative for harmony and social cohesion, Reconciliation. Legally registered in Rwanda as a non-governmental and humanitarian organization to support Post conflict communities to recover from conflicts and its effects to reconciliation and innovation operating in great lakes community Engagement Building trust with the community through dialogue and activities to foster ownership of the project for long-term success driven by local change makers. Through creating a long-term culture of peace and solidarity in partnership with communities and organizations.

ICP is working hand in hand to promote peace and Sustainable development using dialogue meetings as the most important approach on the ground. It enables us to reach more people including (Victims and perpetrators) youth and adults to talk about the painful history and current opportities to build a better future for generations ICP including former combatants, ex-prisoners, genocide survivors, women and youth to support trauma healing and reconciliation.


Country Team

National Focal Point
Rwanda Institute for Conflict Transmutation and Peacebuilding (ICP Rwanda) - Eddy Kalisa Nyarwaya