The Asian Academy for Peace Research and Development (abbreviated Asian Peace Academy) is a Kathmandu-based non-profit corporation specialising in areas such as peacebuilding and transforming conflicts, community development and governance monitoring and evaluation. With the vision and mission to contribute to a peaceful, just and prosperous society in the country, the Asian Academy works with and for peacebuilding and development organisations in Kathmandu and internationally to identify local needs in in peacebuilding and development and to support and accompany relevant stakeholders and institutions for building local capacities, which are essential for building peace, fostering non-violent means of bridging differences, resolving issues of governance and accelerate development. Recognising that capacity building is essential to achieve its vision and mission, the Asian Academy engages in capacity building of local peace and development actors, especially youth, women, marginalised groups. , political actors, civil society organisations and local government actors.


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"As a platform, CSPPS brings together a variety of civil society actors involved in peacebuilding and conflict prevention at the local, national and international levels. Through constructive engagement and continued partnership with duty bearers and other key stakeholders, we aim to ensure meaningful engagement and inclusion of civil society. "

Peter van Sluijs
CSPPS Coordinator
Peter van Sluijs

Country Team

Organisation de Point focal 
Asian Academy for Peace Research and Development (Académie Asiatique pour la Recherche dans la Paix et le Développement) 

Point focal national 
Sharad Neupane


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