ALDEPA (Action Locale pour un Développement Participatif et Autogéré) is a Cameroonian non-profit NGO created in May 1998 and legalised on 04 November 2002 as an association and approved as an NGO on 19 September 2017. Its headquarters are in Maroua in the Far North region, and it operates in this region as well as in the North, Adamoua and East regions. With a multidisciplinary team of 74 people, including 39 women, and 5 operational offices in addition to its headquarters (Kaélé, Mokolo, Mora, Kousséri and Garoua Boulai) and 2 others in the process of being opened (Guider and Ngaoundéré), ALDEPA has been working since its creation to promote the rights of women and children. Its aim is to contribute to the building of a just and equitable society with the responsible participation of the population. This goal inspires the realisation of equal rights, justice and equity in society of which gender is one of the important pillars. The civic participation of young people, the empowerment of women and girls, the professional reintegration of young people, the fight against gender-based violence and the promotion of peace are other important axes of its interventions which are carried out in more than 50 localities.

The current projects carried out by ALDEPA are: 

1) The project "Young and Women Agents of Change in the North" (JEFECS) carried out in 10 communes of the 3 northern regions from February 2022 to January 2025 and financed by the European Union in Cameroon
2) The "Inclusive Economic and Social Recovery of the Lake Chad Basin" (RESILAC) project carried out in 2 communes in the Far North region from February 2019 to June 2022 and financed by Care Cameroon and Action Contre la Faim
3) The project "Young people and women's mobilisation for resilience in view of their responsible participation in development and local governance" carried out in 2 communes of the Far North region and financed by the French Embassy
4) The project: "Community mobilisation for the reduction of violence against children/youth and the care of victims and their families in the Far North region of Cameroon" carried out in 12 communes of the Far North from March 2021 to February 2024 and financed by Kinder Rechte Afrika
5) The project: "Reinforcement of the socio-economic status of young people, particularly girl mothers, and protection of children, especially girls, against sexual and gender-based violence, including the rehabilitation of victims in three departments of the Far North region of Cameroon", carried out in 11 communes of the Far North region and financed by Misereor (Germany)
6) The project "Protection of children and adolescents against abuse, violence and exploitation and strengthening their resilience in the departments of Logone et Chari, Mayo Sava and Mayo Tsanaga" carried out in 8 communes and financed by UNICEF Cameroon
7) The project "Protection of refugee children and adolescents affected by the Central African crisis in the districts of Meiganga and Betare-Oya" carried out in the East and Adamaoua regions and financed by UNICEF Cameroon
8) The project "Implementation of social engineering activities to support HIMO activities of the MINKA PNDP (HIMO 3)" in 30 communes of the Far North, financed by the PNDP/MINKA in consortium with Care, CADEPI and AJED-MR.
9) The project "Support for refugee and internally displaced women and girls and those from host communities who are survivors of gender-based violence or who have been exposed to it in the departments of Mayo-Sava, Mayo-Tsanaga and Logone et Chari, in the Far North region of Cameroon", carried out in 10 communes of the Far North for 3 years and financed by Caritas Germany.

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