Réseau Femmes et Paix or RFP was founded in March 1999. Its intervention strategies are the implementation of projects on the ground by member organizations and groups, facilitating joint work of civil society and the media, collaborating with local governments and integrating Gender dimensions in projects. RFP has the vision of a peaceful, rich and striving Burundi where women fully enjoy their civic, political, economic and social rights. Its mission is to contribute to women's participation in pursuing peace research and peacebuilding, and to promote development in Burundi. Its goals are to work for the effective involvement of women in peacebuilding and reconciliation initiatives, to strengthen women's economic capacities, to advocate the government on integrating of Gender in the country's development programs, to eliminate gender-based violence. RFP's intervention strategies are peace and security, good governance, human rights and poverty reduction.

Map of Burundi

"As a Platform CSPPS brings together a variety of civil society actors involved in peacebuilding and conflict prevention both at local, national and international levels. Through ongoing constructive engagement and partnership with duty bearers and other key stakeholder we aim to safeguard meaningful engagement and inclusion of civil society."

Peter van Sluijs
CSPPS Coordinator
Peter van Sluijs

Country Team

Focal Point Organisation
Réseau Femmes et Paix

National Focal Point
Pascasie Barampama

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