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After the United Nations fourth World Conference on women in Beijing-China, which was attended by a group of Afghan women from various organizations and UN agencies, the idea of establishing a network to promote unity and cooperation among Afghan women organizations, was formed. Inspired by women's movement in different parts of the world, in 1995 the participants along with other Afghan women decided to establish the Afghan Women's Network (AWN). Afghan Women's Network is a corn stone of Afghanistan's fledging women's movement, serving as a well-established largest women network for the growing number of women's organizations operating in the country. AWN has had a strong presence in Kabul, Herat and Jalalabad, while also working through local partners in all the provinces and serving as an umbrella for the advocacy in our priority areas such as Women Peace and Security; Women's Political Participation and Leadership ; Women Social and Legal Participation Through Awareness and Advocacy; Networking and Capacity Building. At present, AWN has over 115 member organizations and 3000 individual members in both all the provinces of Afghanistan.

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“Being part of CSPPS has enabled me to work with some of the world’s most experienced and dedicated civil society peacebuilders. As a platform for us to engage with government decision makers on peacebuilding issues, CSPPS is without peer.”

James Cox
Peacifica, Australia

Country Team

Focal Point Organisation
Afghan Women’s Network (AWN)

National Focal Point
Storai Tapesh

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