UN Photo_Martine Perret

“Addressing Fragility and Building Peace in a Changing World” - Fifth Global Meeting of the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

In the context of today’s world the New Deal goals and principles are an unique foundation on which coordinated and concerted action can be discussed and agreed upon. Therefore we as civil society concur to the proposed mandate renewal and are in agreement to confer responsibility on the IDPS Steering Group to work out the necessary details for a results oriented and transformative work plan that will, inter alia, address governance issues that need to be solidified to support the three key constituencies to work together in dialogue and to bolster its relevance in the world today.

In moving forward let us commit ourselves to work together to ensure that root causes of conflict are identified and effectively addressed; that we work together in dialogue towards constructive state society relations that can help define and address pathways to stability and resilience; and that we work together to plan towards positive and transformative societal changes that will ensure that trust and equity is anchored and that ensures that no one is left behind.

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