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An update of the CSPPS Country Team in Togo

In October 2019, the CSPPS Secretariat facilitated the setting up of a CSPPS Country Team in Togo. The Secretariat, together with 34 CSOs representives organized a workshop to give Togolese civil society the tools and means to seize and embrace their role in 2030 Agenda implementation and the role of New Deal framework therein. The participants reviewed the National Development Plan and understood its coherence with the principles of the ND and the SDGs achievement in Togo. CS members deepened their knowledge of CSPPS and the role CS must play in SDG implementation thanks to peer-to-peer learning provided by the DRC CSPPS Focal Point.

Furthermore, The workshop allowed Togo CS to hold their first Country Team democratic elections, including 4 positions and a focal point. The election was witnessed by Ministry of Development Planning and Cooperation Mr Amèvi Akpoto-Komgalan who confirmed the willingness of the Government of Togo to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the CSPPS and the need for bilateral collaboration with CSOs, to be undertaken as a continuation of its workshop.

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