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Training Nepalese Civil Society to Promote Peace

The Asian Peace Academy carried out a double project aiming to sensitize government officials on conflict risks and raise awareness among CSOs of the New Deal principles. 

From 22 to 24 June, they organized and facilitated a three-day training on integrating SDGs and New Deal principles in the peacebuilding context of Nepal, bringing together 20 participants from 18 CSOs and two local governance representatives. This workshop strengthened civil society knowledge and capacity to apprehend the New Deal principles while sensitizing government representatives for designing programs to address the potential conflict issues. 


Subsequently, a team of researchers completed a report called “Nepal: Emerging Issues of Conflict in Federalized Context”, regrouping conflict analysis and interviews from 23 representatives from governmental and non-governmental institutions. A shared meeting, organized with 31 participants including parliamentarians, academics, and civil society organizations to share the findings and getting feedback from the participants. 

Nepalese civil society must now organize itself as a coalition to meaningfully accompany the government to translate the 2030 Agenda and New Deal principles into concrete peacebuilding programming at different levels. 

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