Gwendolyn Myers and Elizabeth Hume

Towards balanced representation: New leadership for a global platform

The Executive Committee of the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding met on 15 November 2023 to discuss key issues relevant to the Platform’s activities. Among them was the election of a new chair position as the mandate of the current incumbent, Mr. Musa Ansumana Soko, is coming to its end. The Executive Committee unanimously decided to innovate the leadership structure by electing not one but two chairs, one representing the Global South and the other representing the Global North. 

Behind this change, is a true commitment and willingness to reflect CSPPS core values, based on inclusivity and equal representation of our members from across the globe. This new co-chair system in this regard symbolises the partnership and close cooperation between our constituency members, as well as pinpoints at the necessity to work closely together in order to address current global challenges related to conflict prevention, sustaining peace and inclusive development processes.  

As a Platform we are pleased to introduce the two first, and newly elected, co-chairs, Ms. Gwendolyn Myers and Ms. Elizabeth Hume. Gwendolyn is the Founder and Executive Director of Messenger of Peace (MOP), a youth-led civil society organisation working on peacebuilding and conflict prevention issues in Liberia. Elizabeth is the Executive Director of Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP), a non-profit, nonpartisan and award-winning network based in The United States, gathering more than 160 organisations working in 181 countries to prevent conflict, reduce violence, improve lives, and build sustainable peace. Our heartfelt congratulations are extended to both Gwendolyn and Elizabeth for their election, and we wish them success in their leadership work within the Executive Committee of CSPPS.  

CSPPS also expresses its sincere gratitude to Mr. Musa Ansumana Soko, former chair of the Executive Committee, upon completion of his mandate, for his dedicated leadership over the past period. 

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