Strengthening voices for effective dialogues on the Yemini conflict

In October 2019 Youth Without Borders Organization for Development (YWBOD), a CSPPS member in Yemen, together with the Civil Alliance for Peace conducted a training course on Debating Skills, that included 8 young men and women from Taiz, Yemen. This training was organized to build the capacity of these young people to discuss and effectively engage in peacebuilding issues. This activity is in accordance on YWBOD work fostering the sensitization of young people to strengthen and solidify their debating and decision-making skills in areas related to social, political and economic issues in the Yemeni society. 


This training as implemented is part of Yemen Peace Voice, a key project of YWBOD, and is supported by CSPPS. Since May 2019, this project aims to advocate and support sustaining peace process in the country mainly through two related workstreams: the development of an advocacy strategy for the Civil Alliance for Peace with the help of international experts, and embark on a global advocacy campaign trough debates and cultural content production. It is envisaged that after the completion of this project CSPPS will continue its efforts to improve youth engagement in peacebuilding process in collaboration with its local partners. 


For the latter, the CSPPS Secretariat recently attended the 4th Yemen Exchange conference in Beirut, Lebanon, organized by the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies. This exchange was a key opportunity for CSPPS to exchange with and learn from the experience of 30+ Yemeni speakers, including experts, formal leaders and government members, journalists, with different perspectives on the ins and outs of the five years Yemeni War. The conference further provided an opportunity to discuss the role of various local, regional and international actors involved in the conflict, while elaborating on the relations between these actors and their respective internal dynamics.

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