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Strategising for Peace among Yemeni Youth

Youth Without Borders, in consultation with the Civil Alliance for Peace, implemented a large-scale project that aimed at strengthening the civil society comprehensive strategy to meet the international framework as well as local and national contexts.
The support to this project helped the CAP to be more effective in supporting peace in Yemen thanks to the definition of a new comprehensive strategy which takes into consideration the international framework of the New Deal, the New Deal Vision from 2019 to 2021, the IDPS, etc. and the local context. This will help the CAP to work strategically to develop and implement activities supporting the peace process in Yemen. Local communities are and will be aware that peace is the best alternative and the necessity to foster cohesion thanks to the video, song and debates. The debates videos were reached to 7800 people. The videos and the song are in preparing the final drafts. It is expected that each video will be outreached to at least 10,000 people, while the song will be outreached to at least 1 million people. It contributed in enhancing the CSPPS strategy in terms of influencing prevention, peacebuilding, statebuilding and development policies.

CAP's strategy was developed by an expert taking into consideration the international frameworks of peacebuilding like the IDPS Vision 2019-2021, the New Deal framework, and the CSPPS's strategy. They were able to produce three videos on peace-related issues to raise awareness on conflict prevention as well as an anthem titled “On the Same Place” for building national cohesion. Moreover, a toolkit on debating skills was produced and provided to 28 young men and women who participated in three debates attended by 290 people. Finally, a training conducted by Mareb Damp Foundation was organized, bringing together 12 young men and women.

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