A new leadership for a new year : Welcoming newly elected Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee (EC) plays a key role in the daily activities and strategic positioning of the Platform, by advising the Core Group and the Secretariat on decision-making, reviewing available sources and appropriate uses of the budget, and facilitating the participation of CSPPS members to peacebuilding, conflict prevention, and other policy dialogues processes at national, regional and international levels. The EC is composed of 9 members with balanced representation from the Global South and the Global North, all elected by the CSPPS membership for two years, and also included the CSPPS coordinator as a standing member of the EC.

As the current term of four EC members ended in February 2024, elections took place to renew the composition of the committee. As a result, CSPPS is pleased to welcome the election of three new elected members - namely Ms Adama Dicko [Mali], M. Chalachew Worku [Ethiopia], Ms. Marie-Marguerite B. Clérié [Haiti] - as well as the reelection of Mr. Musa Ansumana Soko [Sierra Leone]. 

To ensure a smooth take over between departing and new members, a special EC transition meeting was held on 20 March 2024. During the meeting, departing members reflected on their experiences within the EC and shared lessons learned with other members. Newly elected members also had the opportunity to introduce themselves, to share their key priorities for the Platform, and to be briefed on upcoming events and activities. 2024 is a very strategic year for civil society actors working on conflict prevention and peacebuilding, with the SDG16 going for thematic review at the High Level Political Forum in July in New York. As a Platform we look forward to the active steer and guidance of the newly elected member - as well as from the new EC as a whole. 

CSPPS also extends its gratitude and deep thanks to departing members of the Executive Committee:  Ms. Anne Kristine Raunkiaer-Jensen [Denmark], Mr. Julien Comlan Agbessi [Senegal] and Mr. Seco Sori Camará [Guinea Bissau] - for their commitment and dedicated service during their mandate within the EC. 

Please click here to learn more about the composition of the new 2024 CSPPS Executive Committee and discover more information on the rich backgrounds they bring to the committee.

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