Ms. Deqa Yasin

Empowering Women Against Online Violence

New technologies, including social media, can be powerful tools to promote peacebuilding and human rights at all levels. However, as these technologies are developing very fast, there is often an absence of or limited legal frameworks to prevent their misuse. In this context, sexual and gender-based violence that women face in their daily life, both in their personal and professional life, is expanding to cyberspace. 

During her internship at CSPPS, Ms. Charis Apostolopoulou addressed this issue of online violence against women by amplifying the story of Ms. Deqa Yasin, the former Somali Minister for Women and Human Rights and prior CSPPS Focal Point in Somalia. She found herself targeted by a deeply personal onslaught, including severe abuse and death threats issued against her on social media. The rationale? Dedicating a significant portion of her efforts to championing the Sexual Offences Bill (SOB) to combat gender-based violence in Somalia.

In November 2022, Ms. Deqa Yasin took a bold but determined step by initiating a criminal case at the Palace of Justice in The Hague against a Somali Dutch citizen allegedly responsible for some of the cyberviolence directed at her. The court rendered a verdict of guilt against the perpetrator.

Deqa's courage empowers women to speak out against online violence and aspire to leadership roles. Her story highlights the need for safer digital environments while respecting freedom of expression. Join us in amplifying her message in condemning online violence against women.

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