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CSPPS and COVID-19: Coordinated Response to Support Local Action

At times of acute crisis, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. A global pandemic, like the one we are facing today, is a perfect example of where our natural response is to focus solely on the aspects which are most acutely affected: a nation’s healthcare system and its economy. However, the trickle-down effect of COVID-19 can seriously affect other crucial areas of life, particularly peace and conflict.    

CSPPS is launching this series of articles, which zooms in on the role of civil society in supporting local response action. Via interviews with frontline responders, we discuss the short-term and long-term effects COVID-19 is having on prospects for peace and stability in their countries. 

Read here the first article "A Society is Only as Strong as its Most Vulnerable Members" from the series CSPPS and COVID-19 Coordinated Response to Support Local Action with CSPPS Member from Sierra Leone, WASH-Net.


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