Policy Briefs Pamphlet

Amplifying reclaimed voices in Afghanistan

Today, the youth in Afghanistan are subjected to widespread discrimination and right-violating policies. To support them in reclaiming their voices, CSPPS-member Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT) brought young men and women in its leadership programs together to present their recommendations and rallying calls for action to the pressing challenges in Afghanistan. 

Through their leadership program, APT has been collecting and amplifying the voices of Afghan youth through youth-led initiatives, with a focus on women who share their experiences, insights into the challenges they face, and perspectives on how to support them in today’s Afghanistan.   

We are happy to announce the release of the 3rd edition of APT's Leadership Development Programme 2023 Policy Briefs Pamphlet. These policy briefs are invaluable and stand as a testament to the bravery and dedication of Afghan youth, who are reclaiming their narratives and voices despite the current challenging environment.  

We congratulate the APT team for their continuous efforts to train and equip Afghan youth with tools such as critical thinking and leadership skills, setting an inspiring example for all of us. We encourage you to read these policy briefs and share them widely to further amplify their voices. You can access the policy brief via this link.


Zoha Sherzoy:
Participating in the APT leadership program allowed me to acquire numerous new skills. Throughout my journey, I have developed valuable skills in socializing with people, effective communication as a speaker and listener, and understanding the qualities of a good and responsible leader. It was truly one of the best opportunities I could have had.

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