We reach out to civil society organisations to expand our network and to ensure our Country Teams remain open, broad and inclusive partnerships.

CSPPS seeks to identify and support pockets of resilience within local civil society of a given fragile context, to initiate dialogue with a local focal point organisation, to help set up a vibrant civil society country team, and to encourage the enlargement of the CSPPS network by engaging with new civil society partners.
Addressing the root causes of social and political unrest, crises, and conflict in deeply divided societies or war-torn countries is not a one-person job. Nor can any public institution or organisation working on its own in such challenging contexts ever hope to make a lasting impact given the complexity of the peace-security-development nexus. The answer therefore lies in a whole-of-society approach: a comprehensive strategy which seeks to take into account local agency and dynamics and which includes (often left out) stakeholders. Civil society is one of those stakeholders. By working together, local civil society organisations (CSOs) that share a similar mandate around peacebuilding and statebuilding issues have a greater chance of making their voices heard and shifting the lines over the long-term at the national level.

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