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A Voice for All: The Peace Corner Podcast

There's excitement in the soundwaves at CSPPS!! We have joined hands with the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) & United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) to bring you stories of peacebuilders from around the globe. 

A new Peace Corner Podcast season is out! This season, the interns of GPPAC, UNOY and CSPPS have got together for a brand new series. To celebrate this venture, we are dedicating this season to inclusivity.

By bringing more voices and ideas to the table, we believe that we are moving one step closer towards being inclusive. With each episode, we bring to you the personal stories of those voices that matter. Practitioners will discuss their innovative ways and visions for making peacebuilding inclusive. After all, how can we solve problems if we don’t hear the voices of people affected by conflict?

How can we bring the concept of inclusion beyond tokenism?

Across the globe, youth and women are on the rise. They demand for their voices to be heard. They speak out on issues, such as state repression and climate change. But for real change, we must do more than listen to those voices. They must be involved in every step of the peacebuilding process. Through our podcast we hope to engage you in this movement, challenging any preconceptions of what peacebuilding and inclusion should look like.

We lay to bare the questions: How can we bring the concept of inclusion beyond tokenism? How can we channel the passion for peace into making positive changes?


Marching to the Beat of Peace in Chile

Miguel of UNOY has kicked off this season by interviewing Chilean peacebuilder Catalina Salazar from Social Hip Hop NGO. In this episode, Catalina dives into how youth can use hip-hop as a way to enact positive change in Chile.

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