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The Afghan Women's Network (AWN) addressed the UN Security Council on the peace negotiations

Commenting on the peace talks process in Afghanistan, between the Taliban and the US government, on 11th of March Storai Tapish from the Afghan Women's Network (AWN), addressed the UN Security Council. The speech made an active call to advance and for increased women’s participation in the peace negotiations, which at the moment has not been put into place in the Afghan peace talks.

"Today, in Afghanistan, women play a significant role in every sector in the country, including in decision-making. In the parliamentary elections of October 2018, men and women from diverse areas of Afghanistan chose to vote for women candidates, dispelling myths around women’s participation and demonstrating that many Afghans have turned towards supporting women’s rights"

Storai Tapish from AWN addressing the UN Security Council

The 11th of March marked the beginning of the 63 Commission on the Status of Women in New York, where several stakeholders from civil society, members states among others, are together to discuss issues on gender in different fields, one of them being justice, peace and security. AWN is at present the Focal Point organization for CSPPS in Afghanistan.

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